“If Looks Could Kill

We’d all be dead,
She’ll kill you with her hands instead."
                                              – Lunachicks Badass Bitch
I’m in the mood of putting cool quotes from kickass chick bands for my headlines 🙂
But back to the subject at hand…
Somehow I always manage to get roomates out of my hair. The first roomate I had left for reasons that I don’t know. A second one came and she’s really nice but I still felt a bit uncomfortable with the limitations of my personal space.
When Limor, the one who is responsible for the room keys, came by, she told me: "I put a new roomate in your room." I said: "Yes, I noticed." She said: "I have nowhere else to put her." So I told her she was wrong and showed her a locked room hidden behind another door. She said: "Oh, I didn’t notice that one, you can move in here if you want."
So I did! But I didn’t last there more than 12 hours. The room I had before was all the way at the end of the apartment so that nobody walked by it too often and there wasn’t much noise. The one  moved into is smack in the middle of the hallway, so even at midnight or 1 a.m. I could hear people running and screaming while I’m trying to fall asleep.
Also, theon the morning I woke up in that room, I had 4 ants crawling on the curtains of the window. Not those small "Canadian style" ants. I mean those big fat Israeli elephant ants with the wings.  I said, if this keeps up, I move back to my original room despite my roomate… you know me and my trouble sleeping and my insect-o-phobia. Finally I did move back to my original room. My roomate’s actually really nice. She laughs at my jokes and stuff so we’re having a great time. 🙂 
Besides that, I still haven’t decided whether or not I should go to the acoustic Aviv Geffen performance in Arad. There are talks of going to Eilat on that same weekend so I might just go there with a few people from the dorm. However, I am going to see Geffen in Nitzanim this monday and I’ll see Hayehudim, too, on the following day. If you wanna know more about these kickass artists, I put a couple of links to their sites on my "Israeli Links" list on the right hand side of this space. Check them out! They rock!
Now, my editor gave me another cover story to work on on top of other longass articles I have to write so back to work!
Peace, love and more Sano 300! 

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