A Double Shower with J-rizzee on the Side

Today was Shavuot. The shiznit!

It was the first time I actually had fun in a water fight. It was so fucking hot and I was happy to get soaked, my clothes got heavy and my jeans were gonna fall, but it was so fun. I was the oldest one there. It was pretty ghetto too because we didn’t have water guns so we used empty coke and sprite bottles.

Apparently, this tradition of having water fights on Shavuot began in the time of the Temple. The Jews would throw water on the thing there where they would sacrifice animals and such. And water is also a symbol of joy. Today we don’t have a temple and we don’t do any more sacrifices, so we just throw water on each other. The Israelis got creative with the whole thing and decided to also throw in some eggs and flour. So some people have egg fights as well. Actually, two of my cousins and my cousin’s boyfriend got egged.

Before all that, we had a BBQ and I never ate so much meat in my life. We also had this big argument about politics and the disengagement of the settlements and all that. It was very heated and it was odd to see kids of 19 and under talk so enthusiastically about such issues. But when you think about the fact that all 18 year olds have to go serve in the army, it’s not all that surprising. I remember very clearly, when I was four, and still living in Israel, my father had to go vote so I went along with him. We went behind the counter and I cheered "Ma’arach!" (the left wing party), and my dad told me to be quiet because the vote is confidential (duh). Anyways, I don’t know any four year old kid in Canada who has any political ideas whatsoever. Israel is a different story. 

During every family gathering in Canada during the high holidays, the topic of conversation between me and my cousins is TV shows or Hockey. But never politics. It was still pretty enlightening and interesting to discuss about the disengagement because personally, I don’t know enough about it, especially as a journalist, I should be ashamed. So I’m glad I learned a lot.

By the end of today, I was exhausted. I just wanted the holiday to end so I can check my mail and go to bed. I realized that most of the time in our lives, we spend waiting. I actually found myself looking at the white spot on my nail and trying to see it moving up. 

Life is a whole waiting game. Even if we do shit, it’s just another way of killing time. I definitely understand much better what Beckett meant with his play "Waiting for Godot." We wait for the bus, we wait on the plane, we wait to finish school/class/work, we wait for shabbat to come out, we wait for our lives to be over, and meanwhile, we learn, we eat, we sleep, we take a dump, we write a blog… Estragon and Vladimir are waiting for Godot and meanwhile they eat carrots, make Lucky dance, try to take off their boots, contemplate suicide… Not much happens in the play but there’s still action, some events that make time go by a little faster. That’s our lives in a nutshell.

So tomorrow I’m going off to J-rizzee… that is, the way I’ve come to call Jerusalem. I hope my roomate is not too messy or too perfectionist or too stinky or too snorish. Man, I’m so demanding.

Peace, love, and hope that the Kineret is not empty by now.


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