Period-Induced Feminist Rant

Some people think that because I’m a feminist, I hate guys. People love to look at extremes. If you’re a woman, you’re either a guy-basher or a slut.

I’m a feminist but I’m not out to exterminate dudes. I just think that women’s status in society is not equal to men. It’s better than it was before but it’s still unequal. A woman’s salary is lower than a man’s. A woman’s mind is considered limited and narrow. Even a woman’s body has its stereotypes.

I read many articles and essays about the word "slut." If you think about it, there is no equivalent word for a man. A woman who enjoys sex is a slut. A guy who enjoys sex is… what… normal? Yes, well, it’s the same for a woman. A woman is allowed to enjoy sex. The apparent problem is that she has a greater sexual potential than men due to her ability to have multiple orgasms. Some men are terrified of this sexual power that women have, even subconsciously. They come up with all kinds of original ways to control a woman’s body.

One way is bras. I understand that some woman may wear bras because they have huge breasts and it might be uncomfortable for them to stay without a bra. But what wrong with having average size breasts moving around a bit when you walk or run or play guitar? They’re breasts. They’re beautiful. Women use them to feed babies. If a woman wears a low-cut shirt and her breasts show a little, men like that. But if she doesn’t wear a bra, god-forbid! You can see her breasts move and it’s not nice, it’s ugly. Why? Because she doesn’t fit the norms you set for her? Men can walk around with no shirt on and there’s nothing wrong with that. Why do we have to hide what’s under our shirts? If anything, our chests are much more beautiful than the jifa you have under your sweat-drenched wife-beater.

And what’s with the term wife-beater??? Christ! The term speaks for itself.

I love my body. I love my breats and I let them breath and run free under my tank top. And yes, I also enjoy sex. Kiss my feminist ass.

Peace, love, and ask Tongue-Twister what it feels like to travel through my right nipple.


2 thoughts on “Period-Induced Feminist Rant

  1. Thank you for your comments I have a sincere respect for anyone male or female who has the courage to move beyond traditional gender steriotyping, and just be themselves. As far as that quiz is concerned, I just wanted to point out how completely rediculous the whole thing was. Perhaps some simple minded people use such quizzes to validate their own fragile self images within within a larger sociological framework. I just thought the whole thing was sooo offensive to resonable people that would take the time to write about it. As for being a feminist, yes I am, in a sense. I have studied some feminist theory as part of my Lit. degree, and have a certain empathy towards feminsit issues. I dont find anything particularly threatening about feminism. I have no problem asserting my masculine identity, without having to preceive women as inferior, nor do i feel the need to make them subserviant to me in any way. I do agree with Adrian Reich that the big changes still need to be made by women, and i still respect women that find their identity by fulfilling traditional roles. I do belive however, that a woman should be free to choose. My particular perspective on things is merely not to be part of the problem.Again thank you for your comment. You seem like a very intelligent woman.

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