Move Me to Israel or Israel to Me

Today is the eve of Jerusalem Day, that is when Jerusalem was unified, that is when the old city was made part of Israel, that is following the Six-Day War.

So today, at the Post, we wrote some articles that had to do with Jerusalem, facts, history and stuff. I wrote a brief on some statistics about Jerusalem and how it has grown in terms of population and culture and stuff. It was fun, but again, there were no interviews and not much research but it was still a lot of fun.

So basically I worked mostly on the internet site of the Post and my brief is there too (the byline is staff because no research was involved so no byline is needed really). You can go check it out at under In Jerusalem ("Jerusalem is the fastest growing city in Israel"). You will have to sign on to the site but it’s free and it’s worth it. You can also go check it out to read other articles, they really have interesting stories and their writers are great. You’ll get a glimps into Israel through Israeli eyes as opposed to through CNN lies.

Jerusalem is also a very beautiful city. On the bus, on my way out of Jerusalem today, there was the most breathtaking landscape in the world. We were on the edge of a hill overlooking the whole city. I like to think of it as the wise elder city of Israel, and of Tel Aviv as the young and wild side of the country (although what I wrote in the article may indicate otherwize). I’m definitely considering moving here but if I do, I don’t know where I will choose to live, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv or Be’er Sheva or elsewhere. Also, I keep thinking about Canada and how much I’m gonna miss it if I ever do move here.

I say, if Israel is small enough to fit in the St-Laurence river, we should build some bigass machine thingy to cut out the land and move it right next to Montreal. It will be safer there in any case as opposed to being smack in the middle of the Middle-East. And hell, it will make it so much easier on me, especially 😛

Whatever, let a grrrl dream.

Peace, love and keep up with kickass assignments.


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