Back in Business

It feels great to be reporting again. I’ve only written a small brief which hasen’t been edited or published yet but the simple fact of putting words together in order to inform the greater public of events and people that surround it is simply palpitating.

Call me crazy but I love what I do. I personally think it’s even more crazy to wake up early in the morning thinking you’re going to a job which will probably make you get more cash than the average employee, but then you just find yourself stuck in traffic, then stuck in a cubicle the whole day, having to deal with a boss you can’t stand.

Journalism will not make me into a multi-millionaire, but for me, money has never been the issue. I’ll never be able to keep or stay in a job I can’t stand, even if I make a wad of money per hour. So I might as well be happy with what I do, fuck the money.

I might be interviewing a singer from the Ivory Coast. Apparently she doesn’t speak English but she knows French and since I’m one of the very few reporters in the Jerusalem Post who speaks fluent French, I will be interviewing her. Hopefully I’ll also write a profile about her and her music, she seems really interesting. If you wanna know more, you can’t because I don’t know more. Once I get somewhere with this story, I’ll let you know if you’re really intrigued by it.

Peace, love and סחתיין על ההופעה.


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