“What Did We Do Wrong in Vietnam?”

"We pulled out!"

                     – George Carlin "Jammin in New York"

I may be somewhat slow but I’ve just realized I’m one of the oldest bloggers on MSN Spaces. That is, not in terms of age but in terms of when I actually began posting entries on the space. My archives go back to December. Damn…

I also realized that almost all of the spaces I’ve seen so far have been from Canada. I don’t know if it’s because the MSN sevice automatically directs me to such spaces because it knows I’m Canadian and it assumes that I will be more interested in people of a common nationality, or because Canadians have nothing better to do in their lives and are more likely to be blogging than people in other countries. It’s understandable that in such shitty weather, I’d also prefer to stay at home and post my life online.

Then again, I’m in Israel and the weather is terrific but I’m still at home blogging about useless shit.

In other news, exam time is quickly approaching here in Israel, and soon, students around 18 to 23 will either be hibernating with their books and studying for exams and/or SATs, or going to serve in the army or juggling between both.

Which brings me to this: Israeli students have way too many responsabilities. It’s no longer a question of being patriotic and all that like back in the day. If my old man served in IDF, fought in both the 1967 and 1973 war, and got injured twice, it was because he believed in the nation and that he was fighting for a just cause. Today, I don’t know one young Israeli soldier who feels the same. Maybe their patriotism is more subtle. I couldn’t say. But it’s obviously disappointing when young soldiers fought and died for the tiny bits of land that the government is now giving up by forcing the settlers out. You can’t put too much faith in such a government.

However, it also depends on how you look at it. From the point of view of the greater population, or those with the loudest voice, they say that "A Jew Cannot Kick Another Jew Out." From the point of view of the mothers of the soldiers who are currently protecting the settlers from their Palestinian neighboors, it may seem absurd and useless to risk the lives of these soldiers for the few dozen families living in those areas who are endangering the lives of their children on a daily basis. There are many variations of these two points of view but it basically boils down to that. I don’t know what I would argue. It’s more complicated than it seems.

In any case, what I’ve come to realize also, is that whatever the Israeli government decides or does, the Israeli population will rant and rave and protest against it. It’s also reflected in much of the Israeli media. Now that’s watchdog journalism fo yo ass! I have yet to see which category the Jerusalem Post falls into.

Peace, love, and hope that Ariel Sharon will not be a second Itzchak Rabin.


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