Smokey Says…

Last night I went to a Lag Baomer party and it was different from other parties I’ve been to considering there was no alcohol and no public displays of affection… oh yeah, and the average age in that party was 5 to 7.

It was at this kindergarden my little cousin goes to, so his parents and his little sister and I went to that party and they had all these activities and games for the kids and they had popcorn and falafel and hot potatos and bonfires and pitas and stuff. It was ok, I guess. In a way, it was better for me to be stuck with a bunch of screaming spoiled kids than with a bunch of drunk and horny teenagers. The only complaint I had (I always manage to come up with those even in the best of situations) was that many of the grown-ups were smoking like the bonfire. Most of the smokers (if not all of them) were the women.

I don’t understand these people. There were little kids around as well as a couple of pregnant women, but they didn’t seem to give a fuck. Most of these kids will probably grow up to be smokers anyway but that’s no reason to give them an early introduction to secondhand smoke. Yes, I had my share of experimentations with spliffs but never in front of kids. I was struggling not to choke, but holding my breath didn’t do any good either.

After the party, my family was given the responsability of taking care of the kindergarden hamsters for the weekend. These two are the ugliest rodents I’ve ever seen. Both are females; one is a big fat gray one and the other is a big huge fatass white one. In Hebrew, hamsters is "ogrim" so I christened them ogers because they got Shrek’s ears and his ass’s terrible size.

I usually like rodents, like those rats in my "wishlist" photo album, but these hamsters were dreadful… I miss my Buxy puppy… My mom takes good care of him 😀

I also finally got hold of the Jerusalem Post managing editor so I have to meet up with him on June 1st for an interview. I’m scared shitless.

That’s the update for now…

Peace, love and hair that smells like cigarette smoke, bonfire smoke and burned pita smoke.


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