Pride Goes the World

Today’s topic is a cheezy one but it’s been in the news and I think it deserves to be mentioned.


I just read some article on MSN about some 3000 people in Toronto protesting against the same-sex marriage bill. They’re religious and all and it probably has to do with their religious beliefs so it would be wrong to tell them to get with the program. But their argument that it’s unnatural for same-sex couples to get married is absurd.

What is unnatural is when a person acts according to the status-quo instead of acting as him- or herself. What is unnatural is for a person to pretend to be something he or she is not. It’s worse than the crime of identity fraud. It’s a crime against humanity for fuck’s sake.

What’s worse is that even secular societies demonstrate this kind of homophobia even if it’s subtle or subconcious. It’s very obvious in the media, especially day-time television. When Ellen first came out, her show had a disclamer ("The following program contains homosexual themes. If you are offended by it, please turn the channel. If not, keep watching… you pervert"). Sure, there’s Will & Grace and Queer As Folk and The L Word, but they’re on later in the evening and at night. Soap operas, for example, are all perfectly straight. The one time Passions had a lesbian thing going on, it turned out one of the women was actually a man and the other is not even gay.

There’s a soap here in Israel called Telenovela Inc. There is actually a homosexual couple there. I was totaly surprised because it’s seriously the last thing I’d expect to see in such a show. Go Israel!

People keep telling me that if I have any kids one day and one or two of them turn out to be gay, I would change my mind about homosexuality, and would think it’s wrong. I just don’t see that happening. They said that if I ever dream about living to see my kids getting married and have children and grand-children, I would never condone homosexuality. But this is what the same-sex marriage bill is all about. And there are many ways to have kids whether you’re in a gay relationship or not: in-vitro, insemination, adoption… Besides that, the one thing I would not condone is my kids pretending to be someone they’re not, and I would never wish anything for them but their own happiness.

You guys, everyone should go to Jerusalem in August, 2006 for World Pride. Show your support for Love, not homophobia.

Peace, love and "Love Without Borders!"


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