Israel is European?

Yesterday I was watching the Eurovision. I haven’t seen a full one since 1988, so it was rather fun, hallucinatingly colorful. There were many shitty singers but many good ones too. Although Greece won for all the right reasons, I realized that many of the votes were more politically oriented than musically or artistically.

Israel came in fourth. Shiri Maimon’s performance was better than what I usually give credit for "Rising Star" participants (Rising Star being the Israeli version of American Idol). I voted for Switzerland because, for those who are not familiar with Eurovision, people cannot vote for the country in which they live. Switzerland gave an awesome performance. It was a chick band on top of it all, and they rocked big time. They wore white outfits and had white musical instruments. The size of the bass guitar they had nearly made me come in my pants. The only thing that pissed me off was that many of the singers (including Switzerland) chose to sing in English rather than in their native language. Shiri was smart and did as other Israeli singers did in the Eurovision in the past and sang half in Hebrew and half in English.

The last time Israel won the Eurovision was in 1998. The singer was Dana International. Her song was really true shit (negative) and I believe the reason she won is because she’s a transexual. Not that I have anything against that. On the contrary, the more chicks there are in this world, the better. But as I said before, the musical talent is not the only thing that counts in Eurovision. Dana made a statement that was loud and clear and people ate it up and Dana creamed everyone in Eurovision. It was also funny when the religious Israeli Jews made a fuss over it: "Oh no! The Holy Land is being represented by an abomination!" You don’t even believe in the Holy Land! You burn the Israeli flag on Independence Day so who is the abomination now?

OK, before this goes out of control, I’ll end by saying this:

Peace, love, and "You are the only one, living in my fantasy, in my dreams…" (Norway).

PS – Here are the results:
1) Greece 230 pts.
2) Malta 192 pts.
3) Romania 158 pts.
4) Israel 154 pts.
5) Latvia 153 pts.
6) Moldova 148 pts.
7) Serbia and Montenegro 137 pts.
8) Switzerland 128 pts.
9) Norway 125 pts.
10) Denmark 125 pts.
11) Croatia 115 pts.
12) Hungary 97 pts.
13) Turkey 92 pts.
14) Bosnia & Herzegovina 79 pts.
15) Russia 57 pts.
16) Albania 53 pts.
17) F.Y.R. Macedonia 52 pts.
18) Cyprus 46 pts.
19) Sweden 30 pts.
20) Ukraine 30 pts.
21) Spain 28 pts.
22) United Kingdom 18 pts.
23) France 11 pts.
24) Germany 4 pts.


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