Next Stop: Unknown

There is only one week left to school… then it’s exams until the 26th. I was just thinking about how I’m either gonna be at home doing shitall or actually have a job after I graduate, while everyone I know is still in University trying to make something of themselves.

How will this affect my social life? I mean, first there was the transition from elementary to High School, that didn’t affect me too much, but then moving from High School to CEGEP was a little more complicated. My schedule was no longer the same as my friends’ so eventually I didn’t see them as often. The transition to University was even more complicated. I actually lost my best friend. Although it wasn’t as a direct result of the transition, it definitely made things more complicated between us. I guess we didn’t see eye to eye anymore (literally).

So now that I’m the only graduate student (to be) in whatever’s left of my circle of friends. I have no idea how I’m going to keep up with it.  I wonder if I’ll still keep in touch with them. I sure hope so because I’m not too good at making new friends. And old friends know me better and I’m more comfortable with them. I’m sure you can all appreciate that.

On the other hand, if my relationship with my current friends survived all these transitions, it might just be possible for me to keep it going even after university.

Until then, I’ll stick to my books that I still haven’t read, and the notes I have yet to study. Three exams coming right up, and then I’ll be gone 🙂

Peace, love, History of Genocide exam, Chinese History exam and Psychology exam (combined with the test of time).


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