Surrealism Smurfing Rules!

I came across yet another kickass artist, a Japnese dude named Naoto Hattori. His work is freaky surrealism stuff, just the way I like it 😀

I added him to the list of Cool Links along with a couple of spaces I check out rather often. There are two other artists pages included in the links there. If you like acrylic on canvas, surrealism and pop surrealism, you should go check them all out. Early, Ryden, Hattori, and as I already mentioned on my previous blog, the god of surrealism, Dali, they all rule! (I sound like Beavis… hehhehehehehhe)

If you go to, you can find some icons made by Hattori in the "artists" section. Here’s one of the ones I customized:


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