Long Weekend

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate it, and happy Purim to all those who celebrate that. If there are any other holidays I missed, please forgive me.

I know pretty much about why we celebrate Purim. It was on this day that the evil Haman planned on killing all the Jews (he was Hitler’s ancestor). But at the end, it was Haman that was killed. So because of this "upside-down" twist of events, we twist our own appearence and dress up as whatever we want. It’s almost like a Jewish version of Halloween, minus the freaky stuff. 🙂

I also have my own theory about Purim. It’s like a Jewish version of International Women’s Day in a way because it was a Jewish woman, Ester (or Hadassah, as she was called in Hebrew, almost like my name), who saved the Jews. She won the heart of the King, and married him, and convinced him to save the Jews from Haman’s wrath. So during Purim, we read the story of Ester and the King and how she helped save the Jews, and how she was the coolest Jewish lady because of that 😀

As for Easter… (it’s uncanny how it looks like Ester’s name) I know it’s the day when Jesus resurrected, or something… I might be totally ignorant about this whole thing. But what I really don’t understand is the Easter bunny clucking like a chicken and laying colourful eggs… This is not meant to offend anybody, but i really would like to be enlightened about this. Should you have any input, please include it in the comments section. I would appreciate it! 😀

So this long weekend, I’ll probably be working on my assignments, as usual. But! I decided that I have to take advantage of the fact that me and my friends don’t have school to do some socializing. On monday afternoon, I plan on going to the dog park with my dog, and hopefully, my friend will go there too, with his dog. And after that, I wanna go see The Ring 2. I hope that this movie won’t fall into the category of sequels that suck shit (as they usually do).

Peace, love and fuzzy bunnies.


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