I’m still here, still working my ass off, still not making any money… oh wait… that’s wrong. I actually got a bursary worth 1000 bucks and cashed it yesterday. Hurray! One mp3 player, coming right up! LOL.

Actually I need to save it for Israel, along with the peanuts I’m making freelancing for the Canadian Jewish News. I should have another article published there soon, right before or right after Passover, not too sure, but I should be paid approximately 75 or 85 bucks for it. It’s odd because the editor told me they pay 75 bucks for the article, and some other journalist told me they pay and extra 10 bucks if artwork is provided. So for my previous article, I should have been paid 85 bucks because I provided photos, and they used two… whatever… I’ll check with the editor, I guess.

The article I wrote for them this time is about a celebration that takes place after Passover ends (called a mimouna). It’s mostly a sephardic tradition but some ashkenazi people adopted it in a way. I wrote about this particular woman who makes a whole big deal of this celebration, and she invites really important people, politicians, officials from different countries. It’s crazy, she makes it into a wedding. But it’s really chill. She had some great things to say about it.

I’ll keep you informed about when it’s published if you find the issue absolutely palpitating… it’s a free paper, but I think it’s distributed only in montreal and toronto. However, there is an online version:
I don’t know if it features all articles but just in case it does…

Not much else besides that. Still overwhelmed, still procrastinating, still wanna sleep. But it’s just another two weeks or so left. So I’m hanging in there! 😀

Peace and quiet on the western front.


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