It’s raining essays

This is one way I don’t like to get wet, and I bet all of you feel the same way. I haven’t been procrastinating or anything which is very unlike me. But lately I just can’t afford to procrastinate. I litteraly wake up at five a.m. every morning to complete my assignments.

It shows just how desperate I am to graduate. I guess I should be happy though, because once I get through these next few weeks (If I don’t get a nervous breakdown before), I’ll be out of there, and the rain will eventually dissipate, the sun will be out once more, and I’ll be chilling with my friends and my bong and my gold-plated blueberry. Oh man! Salvation!

But until then, I’ll be hibernating with my comp and my books and pray to God I don’t pass out.

I just completed that 25 page essay I talked about last time. It’s actually awefully interesting. It’s a good thing it’s the first draft though cuz I’ll get a chance to have the teacher look it over and give me some feedback before I write the final version.

I also wrote an article for Magazine Writing class and I just sent it to the teacher so I can get feedback on that too. I hope she gets to read it before tuesday though.

One last thing before I leave you guys, I wanna buy an mp3 player. What mp3 can I get that is as good as an ipod but is not as expensive? Since I know many of you prefer not leaving your comments, I’ll try screaming it at you:


Thank you 🙂


4 thoughts on “It’s raining essays

  1. In answer to your question about MP3 players:The one I have is called "Autobaby"…in terms of music storage, it can store up to 50 songs. In terms of cost…I have no idea. It was a gift. My cousin and her boyfriend got a cellphone plan together(couples plan) and received a free MP3 player. Everyone I know that has an MP3 player got them as a gift or else I\’d give you a price estimate. Sorry….. :(~~Honeycat~~

  2. i really dont have anything to say and honestly i did not even read youre stuffbut just to make you feel good i wrote you a comment on the web on youre here it isbyeshay

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