Wednesday Wednesday…

Yes, so today is the strike… fucking spoiled idiots. Canadian students have absolutely no idea in their spoiled little minds of just how lucky they are. Maybe they should go live in the States and find out what it’s really like to be a poor university student with no money left for subsistance. Whatever… I’m not ditching class. The only thing I’m worried about is being beaten to death when trying to go into school today. I hope the strikers took their incessent whining elsewhere so that they can exercise their democratic right to strike and that I can exercise my rational and democratic right to get my degree. If they wanna ditch class and miss out on a few of their credits and stay back a semester or two, that’s their choice. I paid for my tuition and I’m not about to throw that to the garbage for a fucking bratty strike.

On a brighter note, my daddy came back home from Israel today! Hurray! And he got me gifts, two shirts (because in Israel they got European fashion, much cooler than here), beauty products (natural shiznit, from the Dead Sea!), and money (because shekel bills are much more colorful than dollar bills, US or Canadian).

Anyways, right now I have to get back to my HOMEWORK! Because I’m a university STUDENT. And I’m GRADUATING soon. Concordia is a UNIVERSITY. Not a battleground. So eat that, bitches!

Peace, love and NO STRIKES!


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