Stuff it…

So here’s the thing… History of Genocide… Our mid-term exam, which I thought I was gonna fail, but didn’t (to my utter and complete surprise), was horrid. We basically had to fit the analysis of six different genocides (including the big one – the Holocaust) into only a 1000 words, which means some 160 or something words for each (imagine analyzing the Holocaust in 160 words).

Now, I’m writing a paper on Romeo Dallaire’s book on the genocide in Rwanda… 500 pages, dude, 500!!! The teacher told us at the beginning of the year that the paper had to be between 20 and 25 pages, which is alright. But then, he says between 15 and 20 pages, which is getting a little tight. But now, I read on the instruction sheet that it has to be between 10 and 15 pages long. Goddamit!

I’m gonna have to fit an analysis of a 500 page book into 15 pages?! It’s gonna collapse into a black hole and suck everything from a 1000 mile radius! I barely got past the introduction and I’m already on page seven! Blast! Plus, this teacher is very strict when it comes to length. On my mid-term, I wrote an answer of 2000 words and then I had to cut it down to 999 in order not to get penalized. Finally, my shit didn’t make sense anymore. Damn!

Anyways… I have to put my frustration away for now and I’ll go talk to my teacher this evening and let him know that he will also be pulled into this black hole if he is not willing to be a little more lenient in terms of the length of the paper.

Peace, prose and papers.


3 thoughts on “Stuff it…

  1. All I can say is "WOW"…I\’m glad I\’m not in school anymore. LOL I know that doesn\’t help in any way but writing papers can be a pain in the ass especially if the prof is a complete asshole. Want to hear my idea? The Prof gets sucked into a black hole and you write your paper however many pages you wish and NO ONE deducts marks off of it for extra words. Wouldn\’t that be nice? Yes, that\’s my partial Utopia for College/University students. My dream: unlimited words per page & freedom of expression by students instead of being taken hostage by professor\’s rules. :p~~Honeycat~~

  2. Wow.. that\’s.. quite a lot of work, makes me sorta glad I don\’t go to school right now.. for now anyhow, I\’m sure I\’ll be coming across some work like that though.. unfortunately, haha.. peaceful.

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