Make Your Comp Talk

Alright, so most of you have probably come across this, but some of you are probably like me and have more important things to do with your time .

So one day I was taking a break and ventured off to the more secluded areas of my computer and found out that I can make my computer talk. Unfortuantely, the only voice available was a man’s voice (booooo!), but I could still make it say some pretty funny things. So far, I taught it how to say "I want six million dollars" in Hebrew, and "I’m a bisexual" in German.

So here’s how you do it. Start menu -> Control Panel -> Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices -> Speech. The rest is self-explanatory. Play around with the speed of the speech, it’s hilarious. In a moment of absolute bordom, my cousins invented a game where you make the comp say something really fast and the other person has to guess what he’s saying.

Knock yourself out!

HadDAS ist sehr gut!


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