One more thing…

Family Guy:

Lois: "I half expected to come back and realize we’ve lost our house, and you owed money to the bank…"
Peter: "How can you half expect something?"
Lois: "I don’t know, it’s just a turn of phrase."
Peter: "How do you turn a phrase?"
Lois: "God, you’re stupid! Thank God for that ass!"
                                                     *                   *                   *
Peter: "That was then, this is now… and this is a chair, and that’s a lamp, and you have boobies, and we’re gonna get that trophy!"

South Park:

Movie trailer: "Rob Schneider was an animal, then he was a girl. Now, Rob Schneider is…. A stapler! And he’s about to find out, that being a stapler, is harder than it looks! Rob Schneider is The Stapler. Rated PG-13"


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