I’m officially an addict… on launchcast, that is.

Yes, I’ve rated so many songs that I got to the status of an addict. Here’s how launchcast radio works: The more songs you rate, the better songs you have playing on your radio station. There are various levels according to the number of songs you rate. So basically there are 7 different levels:

1) Newbie = less than a 100 songs rated

2) Listener = 100 to 250

3) Enthusiast = 250 to 500

4) Trendsetter = 500 to 1000

5) Fanatic = 1000 to 5000

6) Addict = 5000 to 10 000

7) Rating Master = more than 10 000

So I’m a little less than 5000 ratings away from being a Rating Master. I’ve been to stations where the members have like 90 000 total songs rated, it’s nuts! But most of the artists they rated are not exactly for me. Oh well, I never listen to the radio, that’s why I got my own frequency. Feel free to tune into Hadass420 and enjoy quality music from the music addict, heehee. 🙂


One thought on “Hooked

  1. there is nothing wrong with an addiction as long as it doesn\’t become an obsession!!!my hair is brown on top and bright red underneath… bold but tasteful… as my Mother would put it…i think she is just trying toget on my good side though hahax0xCris

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