Not that I don’t already have readings coming out of my ass, but that book is really good and besides I have to read it for a class project (a 25-page essay on the Rwandan genocide, might I add).

The book is called Shake Hands with the Devil – The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda, by Romeo Dallaire. There was a documentary on him and an interview with him on Hot Type a few weeks ago and my dad got me the book. It’s long as hell but I really enjoyed it because he’s Canadian (represent!) and now I got lots of stuff to talk about in my essay that I just might be able to fill 25 pages. 🙂

Anyways, it’s listed as one of my favorite books in my book list, and further details are there too. If you have a stable stomach, and you like nonfiction, I highly reccommend that book. Go out and get it while it’s on special.

Peace (The UN should learn a little more about that).


One thought on “Nonfiction

  1. dimonds are fun.. cause then you can sell them!!!And buy what you want hahaha… or maybe thats just me…x0xCris<3oh yeah… you\’re really beautiful! i hope that doesn\’t offend you

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