Goony Goo Goo

I just wanted to tell all those of you who have never seen (or heard of) the 1983 stand-up show by Eddie Murphy, "Delirious", GO RENT IT!!! Pronto!

The best and funniest shiznit ever! If you get offended by foul language, however, I wouldn’t reccomend it because he uses and abuses of it. But it’s fucking funny!

Memorable lines:

"Now come on over here, and fuck me up the ass."

"You the motherfucker that makes stevie wonder jokes? That shit ain’t funny motherfucker!"

"And if you don’t like it, you can get the fuck out!"

"What the fuck does goony goo goo mean?"


4 thoughts on “Goony Goo Goo

  1. ey yo sup mofo. this is some goooood shit. what is it?it\’s maoui waoui!what\’s that man?it\’s maoui mixed with labrador.labrador?ya man.. my dog ate my stash do i have to wait three days to get it back.ohh mann!!yup! but it\’s some gooooodddd shittt… it\’s the shiznit! kip

  2. didn\’t you know that this is gay? because you know you \’rock\’ so hard.. dude. you seem like such a fucking poser. don\’t ever show your face again man. oh wait your a girl. woops. oh well no one could tell because you look like both so you must have a mixed sex.

  3. All comments are appreciated. W-T-F? I don\’t know who you are, but your comments are appreciated, too. As for your confusion over my sex, you were right the first time, I am a dude. My penis can sure use some sucking. Go right ahead. 🙂

  4. Kipi, this is how it goes:Pedro: "Man, what is in this shit?"Man: "Mostly Maui Waui. But it\’s got some Labrador in it…"P: "What\’s Labrador?"M: "It\’s dogshit."P: "What?!"M: "Yeah, my dog ate my stash… I left it on the table and the little motherfucker ate it. So I had to use a little baggy for three days until I got it back… really blew the dog\’s mind."P: "You mean we\’re smokin dogshit? I wonder what Great Dane tastes like."

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